Cyndi Fleming-AltonCyndi Fleming-Alton

Cyndi’s interest in photography began in her childhood when she received her first camera at the age of 10, a Kodak Instamatic Pocket 400 and since then a camera has never been far from hand.

As a teenager, she dreamed of being a National Geographic photographer, traveling the world and photographing different places and cultures.

Cyndi’s career took her in a different direction and she worked as a public sector executive for a number of years before her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she left to forge a new path as web developer and social media adviser.

Cyndi’s interest in photography turned to an obsession in adulthood and she has amassed thousands of photos on subject materials ranging from wildlife and landscapes to street photography and graffiti and even manhole covers.

Cyndi recently returned from 9 months in Africa, where she traveled, volunteered, and worked as a Wildlife Research Coordinator, and took lots and lots of photos

Cyndi licenses her work through stock footage houses and sells fine art prints. Her work has also been featured in a World Wildlife Fund calendars and has won a number of awards.

A technology enthusiast, nature-lover, environmentalist, scuba diver, and travel junkie, Cyndi lives in rural Ontario, Canada  with her husband, 2 Beagles, and 2 Cats.