Focus on Nature[-{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}cell{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}-]Focus on Nature is a Guelph-based, non-profit photography program created in 2008 to nurture creativity and inspire young people to explore and appreciate nature.

Aligned with the Ontario visual arts curriculum for grades 4 – 8, our workshops focus on teaching the “elements of design”, and using these as a focus for exploring, observing and describing the natural world.

By giving students hands-on, positive experiences in local natural areas, we hope to cultivate environmental stewardship and self esteem in youth.
[-{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}row{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}-]EuryScape Words and Images[-{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}cell{25c9595cce378864bb3110e48edef8351723d799ab4199429b83a7f000c12ff7}-]Photography Workshops at the Aboyne Library:

Getting Started with your Digital Camera - Saturday, June 8, 1pm to 5pm (Teens and Adults)

Intermediate Digital Photography Techniques - Saturday, June 15, 1pm to 5 pm (Teens and Adults)